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How are you? Hopefully excellent and improving.

There are only 5 years ago, it was taboo to talk in dreams. When speaking of dreams, that we should dream, the importance of having dreams to fulfill, to feel alive and live life with passion, soon appeared those who said they were realistic, we should not have dreams but goals. Those who say that we must keep our feet on the ground.
Only five years have passed and today we hear of dreams on TV, outdoor advertising, advertising of banks, in the speeches of politicians, etc..
Thankfully, we can speak openly and dreaming dreams. Now, the question that arises is how to turn those dreams into reality.
As with many things in life, this too is not new, since thousands of years ago who knows how to do. What happens to many of us is that we know what we have to do, but we do not know because we do not. That would require a deeper analysis and worth doing up this analysis because in the end it is our life and our happiness we are talking about.
As if to complete a degree, there is a method and a sequence of steps, it is to achieve and accomplish dreams since long been studied attitudes, ways of thinking and acting big and small filmmakers, and today know the pattern that leads to success.
In my book Towards Dreamland explain this in detail, but here you want to leave a resume that can be useful and above all can cause you and make you think about it for a while and managed to analyze when something in your life, whether implemented or not this method.

We can divide the process into four stages that evolve cyclically:

1st  – Know exactly what you want (what, why, for what, how much, when I want);
2nd – Commit myself fully to achieve that dream, do not let me stray from the path that leads me to dream;
3rd  – Doing what I gotta do to materialize and become real;
4th -  Continuously evaluate the progress and seeing if I’m walking in the direction of what I want, or if I’m divert or mislead.

All four steps are critical and not just do one, so that the process does not occur.

Imagine wanting to be rich, without defining what it is to me … (Fault step 1)
Imagine wanting to lose weight and solve exercise 3 times per week for 6 months, and only do so when the weather is fine … (step 2 fails)
Imagine knowing that I have an important meeting and did not attend … (Fault step 3)
Imagine to be working at the same company for 10 years, earning the minimum wage and dreaming of having a house with a pool, tennis court and a Porsche at the door, all expenses paid, in 5 years … (step 4 fails because probably not assesses whether the vehicle uses and economic measures that will performs in the desired direction, or are misfits).

In all these cases, what we see is an illusion and not a dream.
There illusions interesting, but only dreams can become reality. For this to happen but we must work efficiently and knowing how.

We shall return to this subject soon.

Children are the future



During this week I suggest that you spend as much time as possible each day to meet the requests of children who live with you.
See to it that they truly feel they have time for them.
Pay attention when they speak with you.
Play with them.
Let yourself be guided by the wonderful ability that they have to dream and imagine.
During this week, do children with whom contact, feel important, cared for and happy.
If you do not have children in their immediate environment, find the children of family and friends, and serve them with affection, attention, recognition, and with them, live happier days and fun.
You will feel more alive and happier.
Enjoy the habit generated this week and continue to repeat it daily, like what to do with the practice of previous weeks, and each day will be closer to acquire a “magnetic personality.”

These are some examples of what you can do, but you should at all times be creative and have fun with this challenge. You will feel increasingly spectacular. Practice every day, and as many times as possible.

Please sign here your initiatives, experiences and results, and help others with a witness and example. You can do this while maintaining anonymity.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?


How are you? Hopefully excellent and improving.

Excuses! Well here is one of the largest epidemics that plague mankind and for which the Medical International Organization has not released any warning sign yet. Incidentally, this is not an epidemic, but a pandemic – a global epidemic.

It is a disease that attacks anyone, regardless of their country, economic, age, religion, training base, sex, skin color, whatever … is global and has an ability to reproduce truly remarkable. The virus Excuses is enormous resistance and has an uncanny ability to adapt to new situations, creating strong variants through its extraordinary rate of mutation.

Signs: the patient repeatedly uses the following phrases: “I can not, because I am from “somewhere”,” “I can not, because I have no studies,” “I can not, because I’m too young,” “I can not, because I’m too old” “I can not, because it’s not for people like me, with my level”, “I can not, because it is only for people of a higher level”, “I can not, because I have no money,” “I can not, because with my money I can not mix “, etc..

Of all, the most common mutation has the most visible sign today, the phrase “I can not, because I have no time.”

These are telltale signs of what? After all what is the profound disease, which is leading this poor patient and their family, business, community and country, to death?
Failed mentality (o) or someone who believes vai Fail and afraid to do anything that jeopardizes their “credibility.”

For the winners there are no excuses. They do not need to boast or justify. To them the country, age, gender, skin color, money, position, etc.. are not obstacles. And if they are, to make lemonade from the lemon.
To all the losers can be no excuse. They need to justify it. What about lemons …. “maybe is better to wait because I think it is not yet mature enough. Maybe they are green. We will wait.”

I give you a suggestion that is both a challenge: identify one thing, just one, they are afraid to do. Do what you are afraid to do.
I assure you that on that day your life changed!

Decide which team you want to play because it’s all said and done nothing.

Think about this.

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